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Piano Tuning

Piano tuning is the act of adjusting the tension of the strings of an acoustic piano so that the musical intervals between strings are in tune. Professionals recommend a piano be tuned at least once or twice a year, if not more, depending on the age of the piano, frequency of use, humidity and other environmental factors.

Call or email Henry Glasgow to evaluate your piano's tuning needs and to schedule your piano tuning.

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Piano Repair

Since its founding, Glasgow Piano Tuning has been one of the most trusted names in the industry.  Cracked Keys? Worn Hammers? Broken Strings? Henry Glasgow has years of piano repair experience.  Keep your piano sounding its very best. Schedule your piano repairs with us.

Piano Restoration

Quality built pianos will last years without needing to be reconditioned or repaired. Ultimately, when regular maintenance (such as cleaning, regulating voicing, and tuning) can no longer provide a satisfactory performance, then it might be time to consider reconditioning or rebuilding the piano.
Whether your piano needs a little reconditioning, or a total overhaul of rebuilding depends on its original quality, surrounding climate, and usage.  The most important factors to consider are the piano’s sentimental, personal and historical value.
Trust Henry to advise you through these important decision regarding your piano's restoration process.

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Piano Appraisal

A piano appraisal is a document that documents a piano's estimated fair market value and resale price in normal market conditions. The piano will go through an on-site physical inspection by our qualified appraiser.  An official appraisal offers a reputable, highly credible valuation for insurance purposes or resell value.

Piano Moving Referral

Pianos are not only expensive and delicate, but they often have priceless sentimental value to their owners.  Call Glasgow Tuning for a trusted referral to a fully insured, experienced local piano moving company.

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